fresh-startYesterday I felt like a new person.  It was a sunny, blue sky, crystal clear day complete with crisp cooler air all around me.  To top it off, it was the first day back to school for my daughter. Yipee!  As much as I loved our summer together, it is definitely time for us to return to routine.

Besides, I love new beginnings!  With the start of fall and back to school, it feels like the perfect time for change.  In other words, we are ripe and ready – just like all those juicy tomatoes dangling off their vines.  If you are looking for shift after summer, there’s no question that a detox or cleanse is great way to start fresh when it comes to eating habits.

Looking more closely at what we eat and how it’s impacting our mood, energy, belly and body is exactly what  detox does.  Sometimes we don’t know how badly we feel until we feel better, and the detox opens the window for us to see and feel that change.

When I run my Clean Lean and Sexy™ Quickie, a three day detox, here’s what people see happen in just three short days:  shedding up to eight pounds, loss of belly bulge or bloat, elimination of migraines, energy doubles, skin gets clearer – all because of what we put in our mouthes.  Pretty cool, huh?

If you are feeling like you want to press the reset button after a fun summer here are five easy detox tips you can do on your own right now:

  1. When you wake up, drink one eight ounce cup of hot water with half  lemon squeezed in it
  2. Eat  four to six cups of veggies per day including at least two cups of dark leafy greens, such as arugula, kale, collard greens, beet greens or spinach
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least eight to ten glasses
  4. Eliminate processed foods including sugar (avoid all food in bags, boxes, and wrappers)
  5. Lose the bread, bagels, crackers, cookies, donuts or pasta – even those made with whole wheat flour

Where do you feel stuck?  And what’s your favorite way to get a fresh start or break free from unwanted habits?  Leave us a comment below :)