IMG_1274The idea of making my own mayonnaise was not something that ever really inspired me. Maybe because I tend to be satisfied when things are plain, and I don’t eat many sandwiches. But when I was out to eat recently and had a lobster roll made with homemade mayonnaise (that didn’t upset my stomach), I got excited about the idea of making my own mayonnaise.

Don’t get me wrong there are some great options on store shelves these days. Take for example, egg free Vegenaise products. I thought their grapeseed oil mayonnaise looked great until I read the ingredients and saw soy protein and brown rice syrup (as a sweetener). Then there’s the exciting offerings from Hellmann’s Real Mayonniase. Hellmann’s is a classic, and they now make a mayonaise with olive oil. Only it’s not made with just olive oil, there’s more soybean oil than olive oil in the ingredients, and it contains sugar. Enough reason for me to skip the mayo!

IMG_1265Unless, of course it’s made with really real ingredients like this mayonnaise recipe from the Slim Palate cookbook. For my version, I made the mayonnaise with “magic oil”.  That’s what my daughter Kelly calls it. Because it’s magic, she laps it up with her fingers off the plate after sprinkling a little sea salt ontop of the oil. Then she says, “Mom, this oil is magic.” What can I say, it makes her feel good. She senses immediately that she is more alert and focused. It also helps that she listens to her body and knows when it’s happy with the food she’s eating 🙂

It’s a subtle thing that most of us won’t notice while we are eating, but the right oils make a huge difference in how we feel and with inflammation inside our body. In case you want to know more about magic oil, check out Body Bio’s article on magic oil here.

For this recipe you will an immersion blender, but if you don’t have one it can be made in a mini food processor. Don’t worry it’s actually super easy to make, I promise! Be sure to pour the oil in slowly and be patient as it magically thickens into creamy mayonnaise. Trust me, it’s totally worth the effort and that’s from someone who doesn’t love mayo!

Creamy Mayonnaise

1 egg yolk, preferably organic cage free
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon water
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
salt to taste
1 cup Body Bio Oil, extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil

Place egg yolk, lemon juice, water, mustard, and salt in a flat bottomed glass dish or bowl that is at least the width of the immersion blender.

Place immersion blender in the bowl so that it’s base is touching the bottom. Turn it on and slowly pour in the oil. Blend while slowly pouring in the oil until the ingredients are fully emulsified.

Makes about one cup.
Store in and air tight container in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.