This quote is so simple and yet so complex.

Thinking about its legacy is truly incredible, mind-boggling actually. Despite repeatedly spending more on health care than other countries, Americans have poorer health outcomes, including a shorter life expectancy and greater prevalence of chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Not to mention rising rates of autism, ADHD and depression in our beloved children.

Recently, in his podcast with Robyn O’Brien, I heard Tony Robbins declare a similar statement. Tony said, “health is our greatest wealth.” Listening to Tony’s deep powerful voice say those words sent shivers through me. It was perfect timing, just what I needed to hear.

The thing is, I’d been questioning my role in helping people eat healthier. I was doubting myself and my purpose. I was doubting whether or not others are motivated to make changes to their lifestyle.

The most ridiculous part is that I believe with my heart and soul that loving the world back to health is my mission. So how could I possibly give up on that?

And even though deep down I knew it was just my fear trying to keep me stuck and sabotage me, I couldn’t shake it. I forgot the priceless nature of my very own transformation and ongoing commitment to invest in my health and happiness, and in turn, my family’s health and happiness. I forgot how much I longed for help back then but couldn’t find any and forged ahead on my own. I forgot how important that inner knowing and intuition are in my steadfast belief that food is medicine, that the body is a miraculous vessel for our spirit.

Then like magic, the moment I heard Tony say that phrase, and Robyn reinforce it with her own passionate mission, my own passion was reignited.

“People who suffer from any chronic disease including cancer would trade in any amount of money for health.” Tony elaborated the reality of how important it is to invest in your own health before it gets to that point.

Isn’t that the truth?

So why aren’t we more proactive and preventative with our health care? Why not invite more nourishment into our daily lives? Why is it so hard to make the choices we know we “should” make?

Let’s just think about it for a moment….

What if you didn’t get sick every year or several times a year?

What if you didn’t have seasonal allergies?

What if you weren’t constipated, bloated or gassy?

What if you could avoid getting cancer?

What if your skin issues disappeared like magic?

What if your libido returned to the fiery place it was when you were a teenager?

What if you knew you could live 10 or even 20 years longer if you seriously committed to cleaning up your diet?

The number one health trend in 2017 is personalized nutrition. A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work. And exercise is not the answer, we need to focus more on what we put in our bodies on a daily basis.

Getting in touch with what your body needs, truly needs on a deep level, is one of the most transformative experiences ever. I invite you to explore what this means for you.

I love supporting others through discovery and transformation. Because of this, I am accepting inquiries for coaching in 2017. Let me help you create your own individualized plan for health and happiness. With tons of support and accountability, I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Together we will make it happen.

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