Membrane Medicine Conference November 2017

One of the gifts of the past few months has been traveling.

Stepping away from the day to day grind offered me some much needed perspective. It also gave me time to reflect, process and refocus.

So much happened for all of us in 2017.  It was a year of new beginnings.

Personally, it was a big year for transition. This challenged me in ways I hadn’t been challenged in a very long time.

My husband, Scott, and I sold the house we’d been living in for 15 years. The house we watched our girls grow from elementary school all the way through college, with so many memories along the way. It was a big decision, one we’d entertained before, yet it was never quite the right time.

This year the timing was right, so right that it felt like if we didn’t make the move, part of me was going to wither away. Not that anything was wrong with where we were. I was simply longing for change. Mostly, it was a gut feeling – an inner knowing.

What made the move so synergistic was that the desire for change wasn’t mine alone. As a family, we agreed moving to New Jersey, closer to Manhattan, would benefit all of us. Having just finished school, Kelly would be starting the next phase of her life, and she too was ready for a new beginning. The move also centered around being closer to Scott’s parents. His dad just celebrated his 89th birthday.

Because I was so focused on the big picture, I sort of forgot about all the details and physical drain that comes with moving. That made the transition much more challenging than I’d expected. Yet, with the challenges I learned some important lessons.

In every challenge, it helps to ask ourselves what is it that I need to learn from this, how is this experience transforming the way I see the world and my place in it?

Pebble Beach December 2017

May we all feel like Wonder Woman – grounded in our being, strong in our desire to help others, willing to be vulnerable and accept our differences as part of the diversity we need for a connected whole.

So, here are a few of my top takeaways from 2017. Reminders really, reminders to always be mindful of what’s most important – love and presence 🙂

  • Where you are is where you are supposed to be, EVEN if it feels uncomfortable.
  • When feeling overwhelmed, go back to basics. Start with one small step and build momentum from there.
  • Trust the universe or the higher power that loves you unconditionally. It knows your purpose better than yo do. Believe that is always working for your greater good.
  • Meaning is a critical component to contentment. Whatever it is you do, don’t lose sight of why.
  • Focusing on gratitude shifts our perspective and boosts happiness dramatically.
  • Don’t take things personally. It’s not about you.
  • Be the hero not the victim. Stand up for yourself and what you believe. While I love my family and value those relationships more than perhaps anything else, I still need to stand up for my own desires, wants and needs.
  • Structure is comforting. It is so important in tending to a purposeful life. Yet within structure, allow for flexibility.
  • Even when your clothes don’t fit,  appreciate the miracle that is the body you live in….
  • Love always trumps fear. Trust LOVE to be your guiding light. Focus on love, acceptance and letting go to overcome worry, doubt and racing thoughts.

Sharing these nuggets with you, my intention today is to share some joy peace and love.  Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!