Recently my business coach asked me to make a list of my super powers.

I thought, Hmmm, that’s pretty cool. I have super powers?!?

You may already have an idea of your strengths. But here’s the difference between strengths and super powers…..

Super powers are the things that we do easily, effortlessly, without thinking about it. Super powers are really about our natural genius. But that’s not it. Super powers go one giant step further by using that power it to help others.

What I’m talking about goes way beyond being a super mom or super good at your job. Our super powers define who we are on the deepest level – they have nothing to do with our parents, how we grew up or our various roles in life.

The trouble is that our super power is often hidden inside our own fears. So we often don’t see the profound nature of these innate powers. Fear convinces us that we are happy with the status quo. Fear is simply trying to protect us, but in the process it keeps us stuck. It tricks us into thinking we should not explore our super powers because it says, what if they are too powerful and then what……?

The other reason why it’s hard to discover our super hero power is that many people look in all the wrong places. They are busy searching outside for answers, insights or validation. 

Back when I was working for a big financial services firm, many of my co-workers thought our job was one of crunching numbers and meeting deadlines.  While that was true, I felt strongly that I was making a difference. I believed that what I was doing mattered and that I had something to contribute to the greater good. Every time I interviewed a business owner, I tried hard to make a connection, to give the personal touch, to show them I cared. In the end, this trust building is what fueled my success. It was my secret sauce.

When we know we have something valuable and uniquely ours to contribute, it makes us feel a part of something larger than ourselves. We see the collective energy and our part in it.

So how do we identify our super powers? We can unlock our super powers in a variety of ways. Experiencing the freedom to explore without limits or expectations is often the best way to unleash the power within.

Think about what feels different and meaningful to you – outside the normal routine.

Think about  your passion = what makes you speak louder, with more anger or joy.

Look at the patterns that lie behind the challenges or stresses that you master with ease and confidence.

What super hero do you relate to the most and why? What thought leader or political figure and why?

Ask your close friends who you’ve known for awhile or your family what they think your superpower they see in you – and how do you respond to their feedback?

Journal on it and see what comes up.

The Ego mind is your inner critic. It’s that voice that always challenges us, tricks us into thinking we are not good enough or worthy of greatness, will always stand-in the way. Think of it as the villain that you must over come with the knowing of your power. Hint – the good guys always win!

Think of your super power as your very own hero – the one who rescues you from the ego.

When we operate from a place of knowing and owning our innate powers including how they are meant to help others, we get to use our passion to effortlessly feel energized, fulfilled and meaningful.

Awareness and consciousness around our super power ignites our passion and enhances our ability to express that passion to make a difference in the world. Just like Wonder Woman, it is a calling we can not deny.

Dig deeper have fun and get creative✨❤️✨