“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” ~ Robert Collier

When I first started health coaching, one of my clients was a very successful male executive. After several months working with me, he told me, “Suzie you should name your business, Success In Inches.”  That was back in 2009.

While weight loss is one of the outcomes of my program, he wasn’t referring to body measurements. 

What he meant was the success he was experiencing from the small steps we’d been working on together. Steps, that while they seemed tiny at first, were actually making a huge difference in his life.

Like many people, especially those who are type A, he came to me wanting big results and fast. He’d heard how I helped others lose stubborn pounds through my unique approach.

But it took some coaxing to help him relax into a different strategy. To teach him a more mindful, intuitive process where he was tuning into his body like never before. Once he surrendered, he had profound appreciation for the small steps.

While tiny goals don’t always produce immediate gratification especially with tangible measurements like the number on the scale, it’s embracing moving in the right direction while taking those smaller steps that helps achieve the desired outcome. It also distinguishes the difference between crossing the finish line and actually integrating transformation into our being. 

So how do you start small when you are feeling anxious or ambitious?

The key is taking your big goal and breaking it down into tiny goals. 

This takes a leap of faith. Yet, instead of being scary, this is extremely refreshing. Tiny goals make whatever we are working towards – the bigger goal – do-able. Tiny steps do not feel overwhelming. Instead they are quick to complete.  They make you feel like – I can do this!  They build momentum.

One way to craft your tiny goals is through visualization. What you do is visualize the process of reaching the big goal. Break the end result down into the tiniest details like every lap, every stroke, every mile, every ingredient. 

Then when it comes to implementation or action – you start by taking that first step even if you are not sure if it’s the right one or if it will make a difference.

It is imperative that you trust your intuition to guide you. To trust that force that is greater than your thoughts, more powerful than your beliefs and more in alignment with your purpose and power.

It’s also critical that you trust yourself and not just the person guiding you or the excitement of thinking about your success. Believe that you are on the right track even if it feels weird or unfamiliar. Let go of control and of the outcome. Force yourself to be patient, to be in the moment.

Here’s the trick to why this works. When we simply focus on the big goal, that can be paralyzing. When we are overwhelmed, it accentuates the feeling of not being good enough. Then that stops us in our tracks, and often then we end up doing nothing.

Success comes from feeling empowered, from knowing we CAN do our best, no matter what the outcome.

Here’s a plan to get you started:

Write down your ideal vision – or big dream.

Chunk that down into smaller pieces.

Take one and chunk that down even further, into tiny goals.

Write down one tiny goal per day or week, depending the size of the goal and your schedule.

Focus and finish is an excellent mantra that works for completing any size task.

Re-evaluate your big dream and progress daily.

Celebrate your successes every day……xoxo