Photo source: Mind Body Green

One of the best things you can do to calm your mind, relax your muscles, and de-puff your skin is to take a hot epsom salt bath.  An Epsom salt bath doesn’t just help us to de-stress, it can also help reduce belly bloating and water retention.

What is Epsom salt?
Epsom salt is actually not salt. Instead it is a pure mineral combination of magnesium and sulfate.  It got it’s name when it was discovered in a spring near a small town Epsom in Surrey England.  If you’ve got sore muscles, chronic pain, a hangover, insomnia, inflammation, headaches or migraines, an Epsom salt bath can help.  This is how it works: magnesium plays many roles in the body including reducing inflammation and improving nerve and muscle function.  Stress of any magnitude, whether or not we are aware of it, depletes magnesium.

Dissolving Epsom salts in warm bath water and soaking in it, assists in replenishing magnesium levels in the body.  Regulating magnesium also helps serotonin production which makes the brain feel more relaxed, calm and at ease.  The sulfate in the Epsom salt supports absorption of minerals and nutrients, while at the same time aiding in flushing toxins from the body.  Because sulfate and magnesium are both easily absorbed by the skin, and Epsom salt bath is an ideal way to replenish and detoxify the body.

About fifteen years ago, I learned about this “recipe” from a Defeat Autism Now doctor, Dr. Sidney Baker,  who was helping us with our daughter’s mysterious and challenging health issues.  He told us an epsom salt bath would help draw toxins from the body while also relaxing the muscles and nervous system.  For years, I gave her a nightly bath with epsom salt.  To this day, whenever she feels sick one of the first things she wants to do is take a bath.

Since then, I’ve added it to my 3 day detox booklet because it is so one of my favorite detox recipes. But you don’t need to be on a deox to take this bath.  Do this three times a week and you will be shocked at how much better you feel 🙂

Epsom Salt Lavender Oil Bath
Add two cups of epsom salts (can be purchased at your local grocery store, Target, Walmart, drug or health food store) to the bathtub.  Turn on the hot water and run until salt is dissolved, the bath should be about one third of the way full.  Then add cooler water so that the bath is a tolerable temperature.  Pour ten to fifteen drops of lavender oil into the bath water and stir.

Dim the lights, turn on some soft music, light a candle or two, and shut the door.  Gently ease your body into the bathtub.  As you get comfortable, close your eyes, and breathe in smell of lavender as the warm water covers your body.  Feel your breath going in and out of your lungs.  Relax into the soothing hot healing water and let it silence your worries, fears or troubles.  Bless your body as you connect with inner self.

What’s your favorite bath recipe or biggest challenge finding time to take a bath?