Success Stories

I read about Suzie in Berks County Living Magazine’s article, “Teaching The Power Of Food”.  That sparked me to reach out to her since I’ve been struggling with acid reflux, IBS and belly pains for over a year now.  Despite taking 3 different medications a day and having tests done by my GI doctor, I still wasn’t feeling well.  Eating out became impossible, and I was basing my day around my stomach.   I felt like there must be more to the story and quite frankly was tired of feeling like it was all in my head.

After 3 sessions with Suzie, she discovered the missing piece to help me with my

tummy troubles.  Her expertise and extensive experience were paramount in her being able to quickly determine what dietary changes may alleviate my pain.  She helped me manage my symptoms by providing me with a few dietary recommendations as well as an appropriate supplement.  Suzie has been incredibly supportive and is not only an empathetic guide but also vested partner in my health and well being.

I can’t stop smiling – and can hardly believe it – I haven’t felt this good in over a year!

“The work I have done with Suzie in just 2 1/2 months has truly been life changing. She has helped me find and eliminate harmful food allergies and changed my relationship and view of food.  More importantly though, she has set me free from food habits that enslaved me and replaced them with wholesome choices that empower me to be a little more each day who I am created to be.
Through all of it, she has been a constant support, encouragement, coach, and friend. Thank you Suzie!”


Earlier in the year, I met with Suzie to identify my emotional food issues and learn how to conquer my weaknesses. During that time together, I was also struggling with a brain disorder that had my life turned upside down. Our time spent together turned from focusing on my food negativity to learning how to focus on the big picture. My life circumstances of struggling with my brain disorder was perpetuating my food issues. Suzie helped me to slow down my thinking process and shift from survival mode to positivity. The shift in thinking gave me the opportunity to make better food choices. Suzie’s ability to listen to my issues, discern the truth of my struggles and suggest ways to channel my emotions in a positive way. Thanks Suzie!!!


“I was so invigorated and inspired by your class.  You have a true gift for making people feel comfortable and making healthy food not so scary :)”

“I have experienced a dramatic change in my health since I started working with Suzie on a customized nutritional plan.  Prior to working with her, I had been taking prescription medication for acid reflux (GERD) for almost nine years.  I had read several studies that stated acid reflux medications cause osteoporosis and became concerned.  I scheduled an appointment with my general physician to have blood tests for calcium and vitamin D levels.  As suspected my levels were below normal.  The results came in at the same time I was scheduled for my biennial bone density scan.  Those results also showed that I had severe bone loss and was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Both my general physician and gynecologist prescribed large doses of calcium and vitamin D supplementation.  In addition, after meeting with an osteoporosis specialist, I was prescribed yet another prescription drug to aid in the recovery of bone loss.  During all of my medical appointments I explained that I believed the low levels of calcium vitamin D and osteoporosis diagnosis was a direct result from long term use of acid reflux medication.  Also, I didn’t feel good due to the uncontrollable continuous heartburn that I had.  nothing helped and I kept getting sicker.

Until I entered Suzie’s program and ordered the ALCAT customized blood test and received a list of food intolerances.  After which, I stopped eating foods that I was intolerant of and was off my acid reflux medication within two weeks. Through regular meetings with Suzie to help guide me through the changes I needed to make to my diet, I began to feel increasingly better.  I am so excited about your program and explain to people I know on acid reflux medication that there is something you can do to improve your health.

Prior to entering your nutritional program I was thinking about slowing down my daily exercise routine, because I didn’t feel good and thought it might help alleviate my severe heartburn and stomach acidity levels.  With Suzie’s help, now I am full of energy without any heartburn symptoms.  Thank You Suzie for giving me my life back!”

“Working with Suzie in her private coaching program, I achieved sustainable weight loss over 6 months without starving. I have never had that kind of consistent weight loss in my life. I also have so much more energy, less pain, and have curbed my cravings as a result of Suzie’s coaching. My relationship with food has entirely changed and I developed a healthy lifestyle that I love….”

“I started working with Suzie because at 48 years of age I had reached my highest ever body weight of 234 lbs. I didn’t know what to do and I felt out of control. My family was embarrassed to be seen with me and deeply concerned for my health. I realized that I needed to do something.

Prior diets and workout plans had not helped. I am a self employed professional who is very busy not only in my career but in my leisure time as well. I was always eating on the run and did not have a set eating schedule. Fast food was a way of life during the work week. Fine dining at nice restaurants was the choice for dinners three to four days a week. I learned about Suzie from a friend of mine and a client of Suzie’s. She told me that Suzie could help me. I was skeptical at first, but I can’t even begin to explain to you how she has helped me to change my life.

I have been working with Susie for 7 weeks and have already lost nearly fourty pounds. I thought I was going to have to starve myself, but in actuality I have learned that I can basically eat all of the properly prepared vegetables and fruit that I want. It was difficult adjusting at first, meat, pasta and bread were staples of my diet. But with a little patience, some creativity and pre-planning, I now find my new eating habits to be enjoyable. I have started cooking, as I find that am looking for increasingly more healthy ways to prepare and eat meals. Cooking has taken the place of my insatiable desire to stay busy.

The time that I would be spending out searching for foods that are bad for me I now use to create wonderful healthy works of art meals. All it takes is a little planning and a little discipline. Suzie has been a dream to work with, each time we meet I leave with two or more new ideas that help me to continue on the path of health eating and to control my old cravings for chocolate, starch and prepared foods. Susie’s knowledge of supplements (no she dosen’t try to sell them to you) and general knowledge as to the nutritonal value of foods is invaluable. Her suggestions to imporving meals while making them even more enjoyable are of great value.

Susie worked hard to determine the root cause of my being overweight. Once figuring that out she was able to help in ways that I never thought possible. She helped me realize that I viewed food as my friend. I would seek out food to celebrate a victory or to console myself for a defeat. Whenever I would feel stress, good or bad, (and that is often), I would reach out to my friend food. With Susies help I have learned to control my self and to tell myself that food is for nutrition not to fill an emotional void. Interestingly, I changed my driving routes, from location to location to avoid, convenience stores and fast food restaurants. My local restauranteers have complained of lost business because I go there less and when I do go have a salad and a carefully chosen hand diected entrée. All in all Susie has been an incredible inspiration.

One of the best parts about having Suzie is the personal support that she offers you. She responds quickly to e mails and text messages. She will answer your questions, make suggestions or just be there to listen to your concerns or lend to you an encouraging word – her one on one hands on service and support are unbeatable. This was a priceless, life changing experience.”


“Before signing up for Suzie’s program I was feeling sluggish and overweight. After working with her in her Jump Start Program, I now have a plan with my eating and have made healthier lifestyle changes. I have learned so much about my body and have a much better outlook on my life. I recommend Suzie because she is a great listener and advisor” Linda, Pennsylvania

“I started working with Suzie after I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor wanted to give me a prescription to lower it, and I said no, let me give diet a chance first. The thing is that working with Suzie, I did not diet. Step by step we added in foods that were beneficial. She developed strategies to help me incorporate the healthier choices in to meals every day and also had lots of ideas on how to make those foods taste really good.

Before working with Suzie, I was overwhelmed with cooking and what to eat. After 4 months in her program, my confidence soared, and I developed a whole new lifestyle. Most exciting is that without even trying I lost over 10 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 50 points!”


“I sought health counseling for several reasons. First, I suffer from a chronic illness. Second, I had been struggling with reaching my ideal goal weight. And finally, I had also been wanting to follow a vegan diet, but needed more information to do so. Suzie has helped me in all of these areas over the past six months. She has really helped me to discover a lot about my eating habits – and how I can change/redirect them – so that I feel better! I have also walked away from sessions with great ideas and techniques for stress management and overall well-being. I look forward to uncovering more in the months ahead. It has been a great experience!


It is amazing how giving “yourself” permission to focus on “yourself” is such a liberating experience. Working with you on nutrition has given me the confidence and information that I need to make significant changes for my family. I came to you overwhelmed with trying to blend the demands of my own dietary restrictions (mold and yeast allergies) with a newly declared “vegan” spouse and children who have already tasted the “dark” side of fast food. You helped me see that nutrition is our number one ammunition, that nutritional choices influence health and that time and patience is a must. I have had fun learning about new ways to cook (hello greens!) and have made changes for myself and my family of which I am truly proud. THANK YOU!


“I have been working with Suzie for 6 months and it has been a life changing experience! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a qualified professional who is so helpful,concerned and understanding.”


“When I started working with Suzie I was seriously concerned about my health. I was having bouts of diarrhea almost every other day alternating with constipation. I had awful bloating and gas – all the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome I was exhausted most of the time and had really low energy, little motivation, was depressed and stressed out.

I went to my family doctor with these concerns. He ordered blood work and referred me to a igestive disease specialist. I put off these tests because of financial reasons. I was glad I did because when I went to sessions with Suzie I realized the only thing wrong with me was the food I was eating!

After two days on an elimination diet with Suzie’s support, my stomach felt flat! – which it hadn’t been for years. My gas and bloating diminished and my bouts of diarrhea and constipation stopped. I no longer had to race to the bathroom in the middle of work, a conversation or shopping. What a relief! I no longer had embarrassing flatulence and felt lighter and more relaxed …

I have been working with Suzie for 6 months and it has been a life changing experience! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a qualified professional who is so helpful, concerned and understanding. Suzie is kind patient and a caring supportive counselor. She is a wonderful personable resource with a wealth of experience and information to share.”


“I had a lot of questions about my diet, and how what I ate was translating into how I felt. Through a number of phone sessions with Suzie, we were able to identify problem foods as well as many new foods that I now thoroughly enjoy. The dietary adjustments have been easy to make. I feel better and I’ve lost weight. Suzie is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental and pleasure to talk to. She supported all of her major points with books and articles which helped me learn more. I wish I had called her sooner!”


“Meeting with Suzie is fun and uplifting. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring and supportive and that is exactly what I need to help me reach my goals for long-term good health.”