baked-potato-2This is the most perfect baked potato.

When we went gluten free back in 2002, baked potatoes became a staple in our house. They often posed as an easy dinner coupled with some salad or veggies. Then a few years later, when we adopted the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), we eliminated potatoes according to the “illegal” list of foods on the diet.

But because Kelly’s little body was craving nourishment and there was so little for her to eat on the SCD given her food sensitivities to eggs and dairy among other things, her doctor advised me to feed her potatoes. I willingly agreed.

“They are loaded with potassium” the doctor told me, helping me to accept that I’d deviated from our plan for a good reason.

Even though potatoes get a bad rap sometimes for their high glycemic index and for being a member of the night shade family of vegetables, when in their purest state, potatoes are still a relatively nutritious whole food.

One large baked russet potato contains almost four times the amount of potassium in one banana. This makes them an excellent food to help lower blood pressure and to replace essential electrolytes, a critical component for stamina and hydration in the body. To get that boost of potassium, plus the added benefit of seven grams of fiber, be sure to eat the skin of the potato.

One of Kelly’s favorite treats is getting take out from the Outback Steakhouse. She loves their perfectly cooked baked potatoes that are coated in oil and sprinkled with salt. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that maybe I could figure out how to make baked potatoes taste that good and also be even better for  her since I would use organic potatoes and pure oils like unrefined organic coconut oil with himalayan sea salt.

Once I learned the trick, I’d mastered the Outback baked potato. The key is you do not need to poke the potato before baking it. Yes, it’s true….never fear, the potato will not explode in your oven. Keep the temperature at 350 and bake for 60 minutes, and I promise the potato will be cooked to perfection.

The best part with this recipe is that the skin does not get crusty or crunchy and the potato stays moist on the inside….it really is the most perfect baked potato.

Most Perfect Baked Potato

1 medium to large organic russet potato
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon coarse sea salt

Preheat oven to 350. Scrub potato clean. Dry potato using a dish towel. Do NOT poke the potato! Place potato in a baking dish and brush or roll in oil until evenly coated. Then sprinkle potato with salt. Once oven reaches temperature, put baking dish in the oven. NO aluminum foil needed! Bake potato for 60 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool before eating.

To make it more fun, Kelly slices her potato in half lengthwise, then eats each half with her hands, biting into the potato as if it were a sandwich or some other finger food. Eating it this way I think makes it taste even better, that is if you can get over the messiness of it all 🙂