The past few weeks I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a detox, a reset really. But just as soon as the thought crosses my mind, I push it away thinking there’s just too much going on to commit. Sort of like when your alarm goes off in the morning and you hit the snooze button over and over again because you are exhausted from lack of sleep – you know you need to get up but just can’t bounce out of bed.

Okay yes, circumstances lately have been extraordinary – unusually crazy – mostly because of my book launch and also my 50th birthday trip into NYC last week.

Yet, once I came up for air, it dawned on me that I should not ignore this intuitive message about needing a detox. It hit me that I don’t have to wait until things aren’t busy to take care of myself. Well of course, I already know that, duh! But those extenuating circumstances threw me off guard more than I realized.

My goal for this holiday season is to be in the moment as much as possible, finding peace and joy in that presence. I started this practice on my 50th birthday last week while in NYC with my family, and it worked beautifully.

This intention fits perfectly with doing a detox. One of the things I love about detoxes is that they force you to slow down and be more mindful of what you are putting into your body. This mindfulness often comes with breaking habits that aren’t really serving us, that make us escape and check out, and though those things feel good and rewarding in the moment, the real problem is they are just keeping us stuck.

So, here’s what I’ve concluded. There are things I can do to give my body a gentle and nourishing cleanse during the holidays even if the cleanse is not all day, every day.  It is a fabulous reminder that self care doesn’t have to be all or nothing and you don’t have to wait until the time is right to make a change. Often taking little steps and mastering them into a routine is more sustainable way to create lasting and nourishing change anyway.

Just in case you are feeling the same way, or want to join me, I thought I’d share my plan for the next few weeks.


My two biggest commitments are that I will drink celery juice every morning and do at least 15 minutes of kundalini yoga every day. Having non-negotiables with self care is always a good idea, but is especially important during super busy and emotionally charged times like the holidays.

The message here is that we can incorporate detox elements to our day and still enjoy some of the indulgences of celebrating the season with friends and family. A win win. So, adopt pieces of the plan that work for you, keep it simple and most importantly focus on mindfulness, presence and feelings of joy, love and connection.

By the way, this plan could also be done in the beginning of the year to kick start your New Year 🙂

Holiday Mini Detox Tips:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to plan your day and get grounded. Come on, 15 minutes is nothing in the scheme of an entire night’s sleep!
  2. Drink at least one glass of water and a detox tonic before eating anything in the morning. Lemon water is an awesome alkaline tummy tonic or if you have a juicer, juice 1/2 bunch of celery and drink with 1/2 lemon squeezed into celery juice. Another option is to add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a mug of hot water and stir in a smidge of raw honey.
  3. Eat lots of veggies, snack on veggies and make your veggies  your main course for meals.
  4. Walk 30-45 minutes a day either on a treadmill or outside. While it may be hard to fit exercise into you day, there is a window of opportunity, you just need to make it a priority. Even a 15 minute walk, adopt the mindset that something is better than nothing. Exercise will help de-stress, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and improve blood sugar
  5. Take 1 minute breaks throughout the day and do breathing exercise – breathe in for count of 7 hold it for 4 exhale for 7. Breathe in love, peace and joy. Breathe out any stress, worry or racing thoughts.

Holiday Mini Detox  Meal  Plan


2 eggs (make sure to eat the whole egg, not just the white, and buy organic pastured raised eggs if possible. Do not use Egg Beaters or other premixed eggs). Poaching eggs is healthiest but frying or scrambled is fine too.

1 cup of sautéed veggies, like broccoli, zucchini, spinach, swiss chard, asparagus


Organic mixed greens like arugula, spring mix, kale or spinach

1-2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon olive oil

4-8 ounces lean protein: chicken, turkey or salmon


2 cups puréed veggie soup made with bone broth

Dinner : (basically the same as lunch)

Stir fry of veggies with 4 ounces meat

OR Salad and lean protein