Creamy, chocolatey, lusciously delicious – this avocado pudding is to die for. It’s soft, smooth, velvety texture is like a warm fuzzy blankie to snuggle and cling to for comfort. So surprising in it’s amazingly rich flavor, you are going to love it!

Whenever avocados go on sale, I make this pudding. Yesterday when I saw them on sale for the first time in months, my hands shook with excitement as I grabbed a bunch of them and placed them in my cart.

Avocado pudding is actually going mainstream with the growing popularity of paleo and vegan diets. If you are vegan, simply omit the honey and add your preferred sweetener. Add more milk if you like it creamier and less if you want it thicker. Top with added shaved chocolate or Lily’s chocolate chips and coconut whip cream. I like to keep things simple and just eat mine plain 🙂

It is super easy to make as long as you have a food processor or blender. I’ve even made mine with an immersion blender and it turned out amazingly smooth. For a nut free version, swap out the nut butter and use coconut oil instead or omit it all together for a lower fat version. Personally, I like the added layer of flavor the nut butter gives the pudding and find it to be more satisfying. Yesterday I didn’t have time for lunch and ate a bowl of pudding instead. It sustained my hunger all afternoon (wink wink)

Worried your kids might catch you adding something green to their pudding? Once they taste it they won’t even know the avocado is in it. Trust me, my hubby loves it!

Have fun and let me know how it goes 🙂


Even though we think of guacamole when we think of avocado, here’s an equally delicious recipe made with avocado that is to die for.

This chocolate pudding is made with no dairy and naturally sweetened with raw honey:  you don’t even know the avocado is in it!

FullSizeRender-8Chocolate Avocado Pudding

2 -3 ripe avocados
3 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons raw honey
4 tablespoons cashew or other milk
2 tablespoons sunflower or almond butter

Cut the avocados in half.  Scoop out and discard the pits.  Cut off the skins and place the flesh in the bowl of a food processor.  Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.  Refrigerate for an hour or more.  Sprinkle with chocolate chips, shaved chocolate,  coconut whip cream or fresh raspberries, yum!

Makes 4 servings