I used to think there was nothing wrong with eating sugar.

Even worse, I justified my daily sweet indulgences because I felt entitled.

Sugar was my reward, escape, and pleasure. I thought it was okay that l ate chocolate chip cookies and Reese’s Peanut Butter cup sundaes because I balanced the sugary sweets with lots of healthy foods like salads.

Boy was I wrong.

Sugar was not only a source of pleasure it was a source of pain.

But it took giving it up to realize that it was causing me to be sick and unhappy.

Bottom line – giving up sugar saved my life.

Most importantly it gave me back my happiness – exactly what I thought it wouldn’t do. I thought sugar was my source of happiness. The only way I could feel taken care of, loved, or rewarded.

The bitter truth about your sweet tooth is this…..

Sugar is chemically addictive just like tobacco or heroin. Our bodies do not need sugar, in fact they were not designed to process sugar. Sugar is one of the biggest factors in weight gain, aging, cancer and chronic disease.

And while it feels like indulging in sugar relieves stress – after the quick fix wears off, eating sugar ends up increasing stress.

While you may feel like you are giving up some freedom by giving up sugar, you are actually going to be more free with out it.

The clarity and confidence that comes from eliminating sugar is totally worth it.

Instead of a sacrifice its really a priceless gift.

5 Tips to Giving Up Sugar

1. Tell yourself your body doesn’t need sugar – processed sugar is designed to trick your brain into loving it.

2. Instead of soda, drink green tea or seltzer.

3. Swap your afternoon sweet treat for a handful of nuts or piece of fruit.

4. Reward yourself with something other than food every time you say no to sugar.

5. Focus on what you can eat and can do. Thinking about not having sugar will only make you want it more.