Before before I met my greatest teacher, before autism came into my life, these were some of the things I believed:

That I needed to have a beautifully decorated house and the right clothes and shoes for every occasion.

That I needed a recipe to follow whenever I cooked.

That sugar was harmless as long as I ate plenty of salad.

That exercise was about being able to eat.

That a prescription would heal me.

That happiness came from external experiences.

What I didn’t realize was that I was lying to myself, that I was trying to “fit in” and “keep up”.

It was only in letting go that I learned how to trust my inner wisdom and to live each day in love with life as it is….

This wasn’t a switch that flipped easily, it took time. Time to process the loss, loss of what I thought life was supposed to be and to rewrite the story. It took work, conscious continuous commitment, to uncover the truth.

Now when I think about the freedom that comes from just being me, and feeling like me in my body through the lifestyle I live, I am so grateful to be here.

I believe that we all have the ability to be our most beautiful selves in every moment. I believe that it is our right to feel the freedom that comes from being fully aligned in our own truth.

This way of living is not optional, it is essential.

Whenever I am faced with stressful situations or toxic energy, I remind myself of who I am. Then I breathe. In this space, I am bring myself back to center.

Whenever the voice of the inner gremlin challenges me or I’m tempted to compare myself to another, I let go of the fear and remind myself of my truth.

Once I’m free again, I allow my soul to guide me and connect me back to a higher vibration.

How do you find your truth?

This is a process of discovery that needs guidance. The kind of truth I’m talking about is DEEP truth, the kind that truly sets you free, not for a moment or a week, but forever.

This strength comes from being you, unapologetically you, authentically you and fully expressed you. This is your light. Find it and don’t ever let it go!