The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! First, because we celebrate love – by spending precious time with family and friends. Secondly, because we celebrate life – through thoughtful prayer and connection to the Prince of Peace, Light of the World and Son of God.

Whatever it is that you believe, all of this means that it is a time when energetically our focus is on appreciation and intention.

I also love it because it is a time of new beginnings, a time to reflect and renew. As you think about the New Year, ask yourself these three questions:

How will I EMBRACE my soul more this year?

How will I HONOR my body more this year?

How will I LOVE being me more this year?

You see, the New Year is all about embracing more of  YOU!

That is why we like to create new goals that seek to change our lives for the better. Goals are important both personally and professionally, but goals are not what drives our happiness. Happiness comes from the inside. It comes from connecting to our soul and the journey it has specifically and carefully chosen for us.

Happiness comes from realizing that we are part of something much greater than we could ever imagine. 

It is the daily quality of life that we create for ourselves that gives us access to happiness. For me, getting off sugar was the first step towards feeling happier. I learned that without sugar I am actually better off – I am more myself, more balanced, calm and focused – and more connected to my higher self. 

So if your goal for this year is to eat less sugar, then high five! I promise it will  be one of the best things you ever do.

2018 was a really big year for me in terms of transformation and connection to self and others. Much of this had to do with discovering my blindspots and learning more about who I really am so I could connect to my deeper purpose in life. I couldn’t have done this without investing in myself with a coach, a soul sister.

So to honor my journey in 2018, I took some time off the past few weeks to relax, reflect, release, reconnect and renew.

These are the five R’s for creating soulful intention. This process can happen over a few hours, days or weeks. The key is to allow yourself to get vulnerable and be honest about your feelings.

Here’s a few questions to help you with that process.

This year, one of the things that made me happiest was__________. 

The best decision I made was_______.

I appreciate ___________ about my life

I am proud of myself for ___________

In 2019, I want to feel more______________

I want to focus on ___________

I will be ________________

Dig down, go deeper. After every answer, ask yourself why? And see what else comes up. I think you may very well be surprised by how powerful this exercise is and how you can use it to create connection as you move through the year.

Whatever it is you seek for the New Year, remember that you are never alone in your journey. Being part of a community, a sisterhood of women who want to change the world through love and acceptance is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Join me as we march on together – moms loving moms.