This cold and flu season, I invite you to look at your body’s defenses in a new light. 

And here’s why.

Of all the reasons why we get sick there is one that is often overlooked or discounted. 

It is the mind body connection. 

But first let me back up for a second. Most of us believe, based on what we’ve been taught for years, that colds and flu are caused by germs or viruses, viruses that surface or penetrate when our immune system is weak. 

And there are many things that affect the strength of our immune system, including what we eat, drink, our environment and biological factors. 

For example, I have leukopenia, which is a chronic low white blood count. Since white blood cells are critical to our immune system, having too few of them means the body is much less able to fight off viruses, bacteria, or infections.

As a child, every year I had strep throat at least once sometimes multiple times, and I was always tested for mono. In my late teens and early twenties, I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Epstein Barr Virus among other auto-immune issues like Raynaud’s syndrome and chronic pain.

In my early thirties, after having two children one diagnosed with autism, I decided to change my diet. I broke up with my beloved addiction to sugar. Once I eliminated sugar, gluten and processed foods from my diet, many of my symptoms improved dramatically. Not only did my energy soar and my thoughts become clearer, I also rarely ever get sick despite my low white blood count. 

Now you’ve probably heard this story before. And I also must admit as I write this I am suffering from a horrible cold! So let me get to the real juice of the story.

Like many things, there are mysterious reasons why sickness happens. This is where the mind body spirit connection comes in. Louise Hay was a master at this. In her book Heal your Body, Louise ties common physical symptoms in the body to emotional or spiritual situations. 

For example, she says sinus problems relate to being irritated with someone else, usually someone close to us. This can even be yourself. (That’s so me right now….) A sore throat is about holding on to anger, feeling unable to express the anger or honor yourself. And coughs and upper respiratory illness are related to overwhelm, too much going on at once and the resulting mental confusion.

In addition to this fabulous insight, Louise also offers some beautiful mantras for connecting mind body and spirit. 

So while I’m pumping myself with vitamin C, Black Elderberry, Cold Eeze, hot tea, lemon water and chicken soup, I am also taking time to look at what  I need to process or release emotionally.

So this cold and flu season here are a few questions to contemplate:

Are you craving some alone time, time to yourself to adjust, assimilate something new or organize a vision for the future?

Do you feel taken for granted? Could being sick be a desperate cry for help or attention from those who may be taking you for granted?

What emotional baggage have you been stuffing, ignoring or avoiding dealing with? What do you need to say that hasn’t been said? Or is there another way to say it so that you can be heard more clearly?

Is anger something you fear? Do you feel guilty if you are angry? Like you may be hurting someone else and therefore deny yourself the ability to feel the anger?

New Though Patterns:

Sinuses – I am one with all of life. No One has the power to irritate me unless I allow it. Peace, harmony. I deny any beliefs in calendars.

Throat: I can speak for myself. I express myself freely. I am creative. I speak with love.

Lungs:  The breath of life flows easily through me. Peace. No one can irritate me. I am free to take charge of my life.