I spent the past week traveling to Colorado, and it was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a while.

The first two days were with one of my sisters in Denver. Then, I spent five days in Aspen with my girlfriends from college.

The organizer and host was the very first person I met when I arrived on campus at Colby College in Maine thirty five years ago, and one of the best friends I’ve ever known.

Needless to say, my soul is sparkling with joy from these dreamy days of sisterhood.

But truly, what made this experience so special for me was PRESENCE, vulnerability, understanding and forgiveness.

Here’s my greatest takeaways:

All the stories we tell ourselves – all the drama in our heads, all the things we imagine about what other people think – like wondering if I’m the oddball, if they think I’m self absorbed, if I’m not a good friend or if I’m too serious – are NOT true!

This what I had been doing – dwelling on how the things I’d done in the past – out of survival or self absorption. Thinking of all the things I thought that made me different, wrong or bad. I held regret in my heart. All of that was swirling in my mind, holding me hostage, until this gathering.

Being together allowed me to release the illusion of separation.

This is what I know to be true:

We need to make space for REAL connection – to give ourselves the gift of time together.

Good friends are hard to find

Good friends laugh and cry with you.

Good friends hold your hand and listen to what’s on your heart.

Good friends support and love you, no matter what you’re going through 😍