About My Book

book3Discover the secret to happiness even in the midst of unpredictable chaos.

On the Bright Side is a story that can apply to all of us.

It’s a story about love, about learning to trust and let go of expectations, about finding a Zen place.

It’s a story about trusting your gut and staying true to your core values even when you’re in doubt and despair and feeling like you’re against all odds.

When life spiraled out of control, Suzie Carpenter started looking for a better way than trying to control the uncontrollable. In 2001, when her daughter Kelly was diagnosed with autism, celiac disease and over twenty five food intolerances, Suzie embraced parenting and food in a new way.

Hand in hand, partnering with her daughter on the journey to healthier eating, surprisingly her daughter healed Suzie too. Together they discovered a Zen place, a way of being that brings together body, mind, and spirit to create a feeling of inner peace.

On the Bright Side beautifully describes how to navigate the demands of having a child with autism, teaching us that life’s greatest wonders are often packaged inside the unexpected.

“A compelling memoir! Every mother should read this book.”
-Liz Feld, President, Autism Speaks

“On the Bright Side captures the intense love of a mother for her child and her profound courage to pioneer a path less traveled with stunning results.”
-Dr. Robin Altman, author of Shrink
Rap: An Irreverent Take on Child Psychiatry

“An amazing story of transformation! Suzie bravely shares her inspirational journey of never ending determination coupled with unconditional love to bring out the spark in her child despite the unimaginable challenge of autism.”
-Carey Peters and Stacy Morgenstern, co-founders of Holistic MBA


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