My mission and how I got here …

It was my daughter who taught me the power of food.  

Shortly after she was diagnosed with autism, Kelly developed persistent, severe gastro-intestional symptoms.  So, in addition to the inability to sleep, extreme tantrums, hyperactivity, and eloping from tasks, she was in pain and constantly sick.

Because of all the stress, I was baking and eating Toll House chocolate chip cookies nearly every day.  I thought it was okay since I also ate lots of salads and exercised regularly.

My whole life I loved sweets, and fortunately was blessed with a strong metabolism.  I never thought what I ate was connected to my health.  I just ate whatever I wanted.

With the help of a functional medicine doctor, we discovered removing certain foods from our daughter’s diet allowed her to feel so much better.  It was nothing short of a miracle. Once I saw the unbelievably drastic changes in her, the power of food became very clear to me, and I committed to never turning back.

I became an expert label reader and determined advocate for my daughter’s dietary needs since she had both Celiac disease and over twenty five IGG food intolerances.

It also dawned on me that perhaps symptoms in my body could also be alleviated by diet.  I had horrible acid reflux, chronic pain, persistent sinus issues and respiratory infections, constipation and eczema.  So, I decided to change my eating habits and started with a gluten free diet. It was amazing how quickly I felt a difference.  My acid reflux was better within days, and I felt unbelievable clarity and empowering energy.

A few months later  the doctor recommended the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for my daughter which meant giving up all grains and sugars, not just gluten.  Since gluten free eating had been made such a huge difference in how I felt, I decided to do it with her, not knowing how hard it was going to be.  It was extremely difficult in the beginning, and I wish I had had more help along the way.  I was constantly worried about cross contamination with foods and wanted to keep her from going back to that horrible place of no sleep and constant belly aches.  It was totally worth all the work.   We both noticed huge improvements in our bellies and bodies without grains, sugar and preservatives.

My mission is to inspire people to realize that  life without sugar can be super sweet and seductively good – that healthy eating can be so delicious, easy, and makes a huge difference as to whether we are sick or well, energetic or sluggish, happy or frustrated, productive or stuck.  So, it’s true, we are what we eat!

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and am certified by the American Association of Drug-less Practitioners.  I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Colby College, Waterville, ME